Printing Options

DTG Printing


 DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing is a  fabric printing method and alternative to traditional screen printing.  In DTG printing all of the colors are applied to the garment at the same time and then cured with heat.  The feel of the print, or hand, is much softer, especially on light garments.  DTG printing is great for small runs which are often not available from screen printers.  Photographs can all so be printed using this method.  

DTG Facts

  •  No Minimums
  •  No Screen Fees
  •  Print Size up to 14" wide by 16" long
  •  Images can be sized for  different applications.
  • No Art Fees if camera ready art is provided.
  • Requires 100% or high cotton items.


Screen Printing


Screen printing is a method of embellishment that involves passing in through a screen.  Areas of the screen are blocked with a stencil to create the design.  Each color in the design is applied individually.  Screens for each color in the design must be created individually.  

Screen Printing Facts 

  • 12 piece minimum per order.  Screen Printing is great for large orders.
  • Screen fees starting at $25.00 + tax screen  fee per color.
  • All prints must be the same size
  • No Art Fees if camera ready art is provided.
  • Will work with most types of fabric.