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Custom Digitizing


 Have a specific company logo or original design that you want reproduced in embroidery?  Just supply Embroider Me with camera ready artwork and we can digitize, or create, the design in embroidery.

     The cost of this service is based
on the size and type of embroidery required. Please conact us with any concerns you may have about this option.

Please Note: Copyrighted images can not be reproduced unless you have the written permission of the owner of the artwork. 

Stock Embroidery Images


 A stock design is often a generic design that is readily available for use.  Because it has been produced and sold as a stock design the cost is lower than that of a custom-digitized design. Stock designs can be incorporated
into a semi-custom design by combining elements and text to make a unique embroidery for your business, group or gift.

Stock embroidery designs are available through the link below. 

Stock Designs Link

Specialty Embroidery


Embroider Me can also offer you specialty embroidery techniques like applique and tackle twill.   Tackle Twill is a applique process used for sports teams and athletic groups to decorate uniforms, especially jerseys.  Pieces of fabric are cut and then applied to a garment using a variety of stitch possibilities.  Combining assorted colors of twill and thread can create a striking design. 


You can see all of the Embroidery Fonts we offer by clicking the link below.


                                               Below is a slideshow of some of our fonts.